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OS21 - 130% Medium Density Skin Toupee India Human Hair Replacement System Natural Men Wig

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OS21 - 130% Medium Density Skin Toupee India Human Hair Replacement System Natural Men Wig

The base thickness is not uniform, or there maybe some small bubbles in it


Base Design:
- Skin 0.12-0.14mm,V Loop all over
Base Size:
- 8x10 inches
Hair Density: Medium,130%
Hair Length: 6 inches
Hair Wave: 30MM
Hair Type: Indian Human Hair ,Grey is synthetic, except 65+, where human grey is used.
Hair Style: Free Style
Spanlife: Two Months



1. Pour shampoo into the water and mix them. (The water temperature does not exceed 40℃).
2. Comb it gently with wide-tooth comb.
Comb the hair from bottom to top.
That's, detangle the end of hair first then the middle.then the top. Attention: do not rub or twist the hair and the base/PU base.
3 Rinse the hair and lace/PU with clean water. Attention:let the warm water flow down along the hair to keep the hair from tangling.
4. Conditioner. Dry the hair with a cleaned dry towel. Apply conditioner on the hair. Wait for several minutes and clean it up with water.Attention:do not rub or twist the hair and the base
5. Press the hair gently with dry towel to absorb the water.Do not twist the hair, or the toupee would be damaged. Then blow it with hair dyer or air-dry (please blow the hair from top to bottom,or the hair will get frizzy).

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Q: How do I choose a different model?

A: If you are looking for the most natural, you should choose French/Swiss Lace,Mirage,NG,Bella.Injection lace and Injection skin. If you're looking for a base that is durable,you should choose Skin,Bond, Versalite, Fine Mono.

Q: How do you Measure Your Toupee?

A:Usually measured in inches,
The front to back measurement is the length of the base
The ear to ear measurement is the Width of the base

Q: Why are hair lengths 6 inches

A:6" long hair is suitable for most hair; professional hair stylist can help you cut any length you like

Q:How to choose the density of hair

A:90% to 130% medium light density,which is the most common and natural density for men.If you think it's too thick,you can cut it by yourself or let your hairstylist help you style it.

Q:Dose everyone need that big size?

A:Of course not,8x10" is big enough for most people, you can also cut to any size you need, and we have 15 different sizes for you to choose from.

Q:How long will my new hair system last?

A:There always have a balance between Natural and Durable, with normal wear, lifespan: 3-6 months of great looks(without NG)

Q: How do attach the toupee?

A: Using tape or glue

Q: What Shampoo and Conditioner should I use with my hair system ?

A: We recommend a sulfate-free shampoo. For conditioner, we recommend Infusion-23 Step 2 conditioner. Both are inexpensive and usually available in grocery stores.